About us

Zista Group

By presentation of beautifying panels and Samsung’s Staron solid surfaces, Zista Group started activity in Shiraz city (Iran) since 2010.
Zista Group was established in order to provide high quality solid surface materials for dear citizens at affordable cost and it opened Fars Staron Supply Center in Shiraz in 2013. As the exclusive agent of Cabiran Company, the representation of Samsung (Lotte) Company, this shopping center acted professionally as provider of Staron solid surfaces and related tools and materials in Fars Province.
In order to provide the products more widely and to exhibit them better in 2016, Zista Group established permanent exhibition to display ALVIC MDF (Spain), Rehau MDF (Germany), CLEAF and LATHO MDFs (Italy), locating in Vesal Intersection, Shiraz city.
Developed its activity in the field of luxurious materials of interior design, Zista Group, as exclusive agent for supply of Staron and Radianz (quartz) brands of Lotte Company, SPL solid surfaces (Italy), Marmonite, Corian Tisan panels, Dutch Bamboo Wood (Moso), Colred MDF panels (Barshin, C- PLUS, ALKI and Select brands), has acted since 2019 at its center situated in Vesal Intersection, eastern Moshir Ave in Shiraz.
In Zista Group, we intend to provide high quality and luxurious products in interior design industry at affordable cost and with suitable access and proportional to your positions through pleasant space for you dear friends and colleagues in Shiraz city and Fars Province.