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Our brands in Zista


Staron product is under the brand of Samsung Company and it has assigned ninety percent of patent of the company to Lotte Company since 2017. Lotte Company is the greatest petrochemical company in the world that is acting in South Korea. Staron is composed of acrolic and resin materials.
There are some of advantages compared to the domestic copied samples:
– Due to contents of acrolic materials, Staron possesses flexibility at temperature 130-180°C. Designers may implement any model on Staron for performance.
– The solid surface panels have antibacterial and anti-acid properties. You may clean easily surface of the panel by detergents.
– It is benefitted from 140 different models and colors in terms of highly various colors and models.
– It is highly resistant in terms of anti-tarnish property.
The solid surface panels include dimensions (76*368) in 12mm diameter with isochromatic adhesive


Quartz solid surfaces are produced under Radianz brand by Lotte Company in South Korea.
It is composed of 94% of quartz silica materials.
Advantage of Radianz quartz solid surfaces:
– High resistant and anti-tarnish;
– Antibacterial and anti-acid;
– The size of the slabs is 310 * 152
– With a thickness of 12 and 20 mm
– With 25 different color codes exiting in Iran
Comparison of quartz with Staron:
Quartz is more resistant than Staron in terms of anti-tarnish property, but Staron possesses polishing ability and coating on gaps and seams and also Staron solid surfaces are implemented more easily.


SPL panels are made of plastic polymers and paper with high compression and strength.
They possess highly anti-tarnish property and hardness after foreign quartz;
There are several better advantages of SPL compared to quartz and ceramics:
1- There is no risk of breaking.
2- Extraordinary size (140*420) in 12mm diameter
3- This panel has totally weight of 100kg.
4- It also includes opaque, embossed and polished designs.
5- More interestingly, the same size of this panel has also 3mm diameter so you can use it for spacing between cupboard (cabinet) and wall laths.
SPL panels are waterproof and antibacterial and very resistant to heat.
– Notice for dear colleagues: You may also order this panel with size (69.5*420mm).


The Marmonite core is similar to Staron (Corian) and veneer on their panels resembles to quartz finish.
All Marmonite models are streaked.
Corian (Staron) designer will perform these panels.
These panels are utilized for cabinet surface, between cabinet, counter and washing sink etc.
with dimensions of 76*368mm, 100*300, 130*320mm and with 12mm diameter;
The Marmonite solid surfaces are waterproof, antibacterial and heat-resistant.
The panel locating between cabinet and wall lath has size of 76*368*2mm.


TISAN Company is the best manufacturer of Corian in Iran.
– Size of panels: 76*368*12mm
– Polishing ability
– Different colors
– With streaked and wind-cloud design models
– The new size (130*360mm) will be also added soon.


ZIBASAZ company was registered in 1990 and started activity as the first manufacturer of High Pressure Laminate (HPL) round solid surfaces and cabinet door of kitchen in Iran since 1994.
– High length (Max: 410cm) with favorable width (25-130cm);
– Solid surface with different forms: 90´-bent and U-shape with dimensions of (50-32-16mm);
– Anti-tarnish and anti-shock;
– Fully antibacterial


Bamboo wood used in Moso Company is produced in Netherland.
Bamboo woof is distinct from all types of wood.
Some of better advantages of Bamboo versus the rest of woods:
– Bamboo planks are placed beside each other in longitudinal and transversal forms and this causes the panels no to be protruded.
– They are more resistant than all woods against moisture.
– They are cut and performed similar to MDF systems.
– The only natural plant color of this type of wood is sufficient for use on surface of wood so you can do it.
– The sizes of wooden panels (244*122) include different diameters of 7, 16. 20, 30 and 40mm.
– Bamboo panels are utilized on sold surfaces of cabinet, counter, washing basin etc.


C-PLUS MDF panels are produced with daily designs and textures and in 15 opaque and polished colors in Europe and these panels are coated by Acro-Luxury veneer.
It is composed of modern art and industry.
Several better advantages of CPLUS MDF:
– The thickness of the panels is 18 mm.
– Different models and colors;
– Isochromatic strip of sold surface with 1mm diameter;
– The opaque solid samples are anti-finger. (The fingerprint trace disappears.)
– These panels have size (280*122).
– High quality and dense core;
– Resistant against types of stains;
– Isochromatic coating with back of panel


BARSHIN MDFs are manufactured under license of Neyman Company in Germany and veneered panels are imported to Iran from Neyman Company.

Several advantages of BARSHIN MDFs compared to other types of existing MDFs in Iranian marker:
– These panels have 18mm of width therefore they are stronger than the existing 16mm panels.
– They include isochromatic strip with the existing 1mm diameter.
– They possess various designs and colors and more resistant in terms of anti-tarnish property.
– They include wooden, patina, opaque solid and poly-glass designs.
– The polished poly-glass panels are more resistant than high-glass panels in terms of ant-tarnish property and surface of these panels is very polished and leveled (without ripple).
– These panels include size (288×122×1.8cm) and are isochromatic in both sides of panels.


SELECT MDF panel is manufactured as new and luxurious product by Vispan Company in Iran.
Advantages of SELECT MDFs:
– German veneer of panels with wood-based panel produced by Kastamonu (Turkish) Company;
– Size of panels (280*183) in diameter of 18mm;
– Isochromatic strip with diameter of 1mm;
– 20 different color codes;
– Both sides of the matte sheet are the same color
– 5 wood design codes;
– There are eight patina design codes and the rest ones are solid.


ALKI high-glass panels are manufactured in 70 different model-colors.
Several great advantages of ALKI panels compared to the rest types of high-glass panels in Iranian market:
– Veneered panels are produced by Hanwha Company (South Korea).
– Cores of these panels are manufactured by Kronospan Company and Çamsan Parke Company in Turkey.
(High compression of core in these panels is led them to be more resistant both in cutting and fastening of these panels together.)
– Compared to similar panels, You may observe lesser ripple on finished surface of the panels.
– Five opaque solid codes are anti-finger.
Size of panels: (280*122) in 16mm diameter.


DIAMOND LUX Panels are manufactured as new products by ALKI Company.
Advantages of Diamond Panels:
– The crystal and Acro-Lux veneer of panels under German Rehau brand;
– Isochromatic strip with diameter of 1mm;
– Three groups and in 14 different colors
– They are covered with anti-finger opaque paints.
– Any panel is packed in a separate box.
– Size of panels (280*122) in 19mm diameter and 20mm diameter designated for crystal design.

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